21 April 2012


I have a surprising amount to say on the topic of suitcases. Special thanks to my sister and her lovely husband, who reminded me of this this morning.

Samsonite: Oh, Samsonite. The most beautiful of all suitcases, especially the vintage hardsides. I have one in white, red, and pink, and if I find one in orange and/or blue and/or yellow, they WILL be mine. Mostly, after the NYC incident, my Samsonites live in the basement and hold my craft supplies, including fabric, altered book stuffs, and rubber stamp things. I dream of making coffee tables out of a few, and I'm also very fond of the child-sized suitcases, which are easy to move and look cooler than boring old briefcases. There is something magical about the very smell of a well-cared for Samsonite, and when the satin lining is intact? I'll pay up near $7. Check your attic, people. If you complete my collection, I'll put a picture of you on my sidebar for a month.

Duffel bags: I don't really know what inspired me to buy the pattern for that fabric duffel, but I'm so glad I did. I really love making them, and I love using them, too. V's has enough room for her to pack four dolls, clothes for a weekend, plus five or six Rugrats books. Mine lets me pack five outfits for a single weekend, plus two pairs of shoes, my Nintendo DSxl, my jewelry bomb, and maybe some pajamas, if I remember to pack them. Plus, they're adorable. Travelling is even more fun this way!

Carry-ons: So I don't fly very often, but when I do, it's almost always on Allegiant Air. Unfortunately, they just recently decided to charge up to $35 per carry-on. That's right. Per carry-on. Meaning no one who works for the airline even has to touch your stuff, really, but they're going to charge you $35 for the opportunity to carry it yourself. I know airlines are trying to keep fares low, but this strikes me as ridiculous, and so rather than just give in and check my bag, or pay to carry one on, I have big plans. Allegiant's website indicates that each person is allowed to carry on one thing without charge: you know, a laptop, or a medium purse. At least that's what the airline hopes people will carry on. The "free" bag can measure up to 15"x16"x7". You know where this is going, right?  I'm going to use a strong, thin fabric to make a bag of those dimensions, and then all I need to do is make sure I can fit all I need for my next trip to Vegas in that space. Or on my person. It's been years since I read Heidi, but I know she didn't have a suitcase, so she wore all three of her dresses at once when she went to live with her grandfather. If it's good enough for Heidi, it's good enough for me. Take that, Allegiant Air. 


Chelsey said...

Ugh. The new $35 fee really peeves me!!! Fortunately I booked my flight to Vegas before this went into affect, so my carry on will be free. However, with 3 girls going to Vegas for 5 days, I think a checked bag is necessary. For shoes, hairspray, mousse, gel, and shoes. :)

But really Allegiant.... is this necessary?!?!?!

Nancy said...

When one of my brothers was in the first grade, he wore ALL of his shirts to school on the day they had to get vaccinations. He figured the nurse wouldn't be able to get to his skin, but she did anyway, peeling off shirt after shirt after shirt...funny post, Jenyo. I want to know what a "jewelry bomb" is.

Anonymous said...

We had or maybe still have a green samsonite in the basement. I will check and if there it is yours. We have a duffle I bought at Savers several years ago; wonderful amount of room, side pockets, front pocket and I can get stuff for Steve and I in same bag for several days jaunt anywhere! There is always one more corner to put something. It cost $2.50! Yipee skipee! Gma S