23 April 2012

Kids' Clothes Week Challenge: Day 1!

To take a little break from the A to Z stuff, it's also Kids' Clothes week over at elsie marley. And since I said I'd play along, here I am, playing along. I completely avoided took a break from grading this weekend to sew up a little Simplicity 1903: Toddler and Child's Romper for V. I was a little nervous, as it only goes to a size 8, and V's more in size 10 range these days, so I added the pink stripe on the side. I think it would've been fine without it (romper's aren't exactly form fitting, you know), but I do like the contrast of that pink. 

 It's a very easy pattern, with only 3 different pattern pieces: the ties, the ruffle, and the romper itself, which you cut out in four identical pieces. I'm not sure what move she's doing, below, but it's probably ninja related.
 I was going to make this is a pink linen (the child loves pink these days), but found the Best Fabric Ever at Mill End on Friday. It's an upholstery fabric, actually, from Timeless Treasures. But it feels quite like a heavier linen: it's got a nice hand to it, not too close to denim, but substantial and awesome. It has robots! Orange and pink freaking robots!!! I only bought two yards (and this only took one yard of it) and I may need to go back and buy all the rest. I love it so. Lookit! (I should've matched the print better on the center seam. I hate matching prints, though. Besides, she promptly stained it, so I'm going to put in a pocket, anyway).

Here's V, rockin' the romper to the grocery store. It was chilly out so she needed the jacket,but the thing is roomy enough to wear with a shirt underneath, too. She loves it very much, and so do I. 

I think, no matter what happens the rest of this week, we can call the week a success, just based on this one little romper. What say you?


Anonymous said...

A lovely creation for a very lovely creation called V.....Gma S

Anonymous said...

By the Way....Great dance move! Gma S