24 April 2012

U (yes, u)

U R Kewt: Each semester, I get more and more papers from students that use text-y words. U know? i have put in my syllabus that u cannot use letters instead of words btw, but they still do. I expect it in the first papers, bristle for the second, and by the third papers, I just stop reading the second i get to "u c?" or "cuz".  If I could tell students one thing, I would want them to know that it's insulting to me, as a teacher, when they hand in crap like that.

Undulating: Well, now, that's just a fun word, isn't it? I am afraid of eels and anemones and sea things that undulate. I don't mind strobe lights, though. So now you know. (do you like how I stopped saying u for you? Me too).

Umpteenth: I really like this word, but V prefers googol or googolplex. I try to explain to her that googol is now Google and so  no longer means what she thinks it means, but she doesn't listen to me.  I also like words like eleventeen, lots and lots, and boatloads. I especially like those words when they pertain to cream cheese based food, or time off from work. 


Anonymous said...

My California cousin, a woman of the 60's,an original marcher with Chavez and for the rights of the workeruses the word "unbelievable" in her descriptions of many things or circumstances, and her way of saying it always brings a smile of joy to me. She always ends her communication to me with the phrase "keep dancing". there are so many terrific individuals out there. Gma S

Charlotte said...

I, too, like the word eleventeen. I've used it at least umpteen times to confuse my children.