07 April 2012

Gee. (by V)

I was stumped for today, so V agreed to help me out and tell you a story entirely of her own invention. We hope you like it.

Goose and Grapes
by V

This is a cartoon, but I'm gonna tell the story anyway.

A goose ate some grapes, and the grapes came alive! But after awhile, he became friends with the goose. They got pizza, got ice cream, and they watched tv together with their parents.



Anonymous said...

Jennifer....How about one of my favorite books for G...Gossie and Gertie? I think I talked with them while visiting in Hendrum. They are very special. Gma Kathy

Anonymous said...

Oh No. Another one in the family who tells cartoons. I have gotten into trouble my entire life by telling cartoons. But I liked V's telling. skj