02 April 2012

Blogging from A to Z: A

My friend Nancy suggested I check out a blog challenge for April, the A to Z April Challenge. I'm already a day behind, but that seems about right.  Brace yourself for both A and B posts today! I have no plan, I don't have anything pre-written, so here's hoping your expectations are as low as my preparation. If not, blame Nancy.
A. Big A little a, what begins with A? Aunt Annie's Alligator, A, A, A.

Alabama. I had a client once who was obsessed with Alabama (not the state). (that sentence makes it sound like I had a much more exotic job than simply working with the developmentally challenged). He loved the band, and whenever he heard the first few notes of "Roll On," he would clap and yell "AlaBAMa!" It was very entertaining, most of the time. I tried to get him hooked on the Oak Ridge Boys, but it's just not as fun to yell Oak Ridge Boys!

Aaay: I had a crush on Fonzie when I was little. Fonzie and Hawkeye Pierce. I had a dream once that I was hanging out with Fonzie, and it was all cool until I started to cry on his leather jacket, and then he wouldn't talk to me anymore. It was a pretty traumatic dream for a 6 year old. No wonder I have abandonment issues. Thanks a lot, Fonzie.

Aloysius: I don't talk to my neighbors very often, beyond the ones on each side of us. But several years ago a new family moved in behind us, and we met once over the back fence, while we were both doing spring raking. Her name, I think, was Vi. I still can't remember his name, but I think he said "I'm Aloysius, but you can call me Sylvester." I may have been drunk, now that I think of it, though why would I rake when I'm drunk? I don't understand any of this story.


Charlotte said...

Little b big B what begins with B? Barber, baby, bubbles and a bumble bee. I just had to....love that book.

I loved this post. You are so funny.

Emily, Scott, and August said...

That's because she was drunk when she wrote this, too! Admit it!