15 November 2008

Oh, the humanity

Warning: the following contains graphic photographs, not suitable for most people.
What: Crime scene report
When: 14 November 2008, 2:08pm
Location: Living room: just inside the doorway
A little further in Further still Over that way And here’s some more The victim (The guy with the orange feet has an alibi). Evidence in the victim’s…bodily fluids… The primary suspect I know. Those of you who read this are not surprised. What kind of idiot mother lets her kid have a bottle of syrup as a best friend? I’ll tell you: a sticky one. With sticky socks, a sticky chair, a sticky floor, and a sticky daughter.

Case closed. Please send wet wipes. And valium.

Oh, and someone should maybe warn Little Debbie to stay out of our house.


Megan said...

Oh goodness. I have not laughed this hard in a L--O--N--G time! Well, at least your question of how long the friendship would last is now answered :)

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Mrs. Butterworth may cancel any scheduled playdates..
Ilene - Miss Jess'little helper :)

Sara Whitney said...

Oh no! Lady!! Maybe when V was in the grocery store last time she saw that Lady was actually part of a "gang" in the breakfast aisle and was only protecting you?

Tenessa said...

I'm struggling to come up with an appropriate "Lady and the Tramp" witticism, but I'm laughing too hard.

Well done, V Ganyo. WELL DONE.