30 November 2008

Thankful List V (the final chapter)

Though I meant to get to 100 things of thankful, I guess I'll only make it to about 50. But I'm okay with that. I mean, I'm thankful for way more than 100 things. They just don't seem exactly blogworthy most of the time.
41. Those big bricks of white chocolate that I can melt and dip stuff into, like pretzels, strawberries, almonds, my fingers...
42. I don't bite my tongue very often (knock on wood)
43. Tenessa's cheeseball recipe
44. Our pre-lit artificial tree that only takes about 10 minutes to set up (sometimes practical is better than romantic)
45. Getting comments on the blog. Hint.
46. Being able to shop online on Black Friday, and not have to wait in any lines.
47. V says "I love you" to almost everyone. Our friend Steven, Shaun's developmentally delayed clients, the checkout girl at Target...and, occasionally, out of the blue, me.
48. The Shield. Violent, angry, not for everyone. But for me, it's stunningly done. Television as art, truly. Dang.
49. Shaun's ability to keep a straight face when I read him my hilarious old blog posts.
50. Usually, I really really really love being a teacher. A lot of people I know don't love their jobs as much as I do.


Megan said...

I agree with #41 wholeheartedly - I made some of those yummy pretzels to take to my in-laws' for Thanksgiving. We only ate half the bag. And I FORGOT to bring the leftovers home.

Now there's nothing yummy (the perfect combination of sweet and salty!!) in my kitchen to snatch each time I walk in.

Life is so unfair sometimes.

Sara Whitney said...

Melvin and I watched the Shield every week! We now have a connection point. I nicknamed Shane Vendrell as "Chicklettes" due to his prominent teeth. You can call him that too if you want.

Megan said...

So about those earrings...what material(s) do you use? I love jewelry! Do you have any pictures you'd like to send me?