27 November 2008

Thanksgiving morning

First, as I was putting the turkey in the fridge a few days ago, V had some questions.

V: What're you doin'?
Me: Thawing the turkey so it's ready for Thanksgiving.
V: A turkey is an animal.
Me: Yep. Sometimes people eat animals.

The next morning, she had clearly pondered this.

V: Mama, people don't eat animals.
Me: We don't? What do we eat?
V: Food.

So...this may be our last Thanksgiving as a family of carnivores.

This morning, as I chopped up celery and onions for the roasting pan, here's how things went:

V: You're using the wrong recipe.
Me: What?
V (smiling): You're using the WRONG RECIPE!
Me: Listen, Sprout, I am the mama, so I know what recipe to use.
V: When I get bigger than you, then I will make the turkey.
Me: Okay. When you get bigger than me, you can make the turkey.
V: But what if I forget the recipe?
Me: You can call me up and ask.
V: Like when you call Grandma?
Me: Exactly.

We're watching the Macy's parade and waiting for our company to arrive.

We got some frightening news last night about my Aunt Sharon, and so this Thanksgiving will be filled with lots of thanks for those of us who are still healthy, and lots of prayers for Sharon and her family, and a bit of wonder at the tenuousness of this whole world.

May you have your fill of good food, good company, and safe travels today.


Mink*e said...

Sorry to hear about your Aunt - she'll be in my prayers along with Deron. I'm glad Kathy and Steve are coming up there to be with Myra.
On the radio, they referred to this Thanksgiving as "the lonely Thanksgiving" because people aren't traveling so far, but IMO there's nothing lonely about being with a small group of cherished people. Joel said this morning that he doesn't eat meat because he prefers not to eat animals. Noah said, "But the turkey's already dead!" I think that's what is referred to as "lower-order thinking", understandable for a 3 year old. Wishing you all a lovely Thanksgiving.

Tenessa said...

Here's the Linus take on animals as a food source:

ME: Honey, do you know where milk comes from?

LINUS: Yeah, a cow pees it out into a box, and then they bring it to Target, and then we bring it to our house and drink it.

ME: Yeah, that's about right. And do you know where chicken comes from?

LINUS: Ummm . . . No, not really. What poops out chicken?

Appetizing, no?

I am so sorry about your aunt, darlin'. I'll be thinking of you all.