05 November 2008

November's Thankful List II

11. My beloved friends who know I still love them even when I’m a huge slacker and drop my end of the correspondence responsibility in the toilet. And then wring it out and send it to them and try to blame its lateness on my mail carrier.
12. 99% of my students
13. 100% of my coworkers. Wait, 99%. Let’s be serious. But of the nine I work with most often? 100%. I swear.
14. My crockpot.
15. We are currently cleaning our house, and it’s so much nicer that way.
16. Various antidepressant medications, including but not limited to sertraline, bupoprion, xanax, imapramine, and effexor (these aren’t all for me, mind you).
17. Cream cheese mints, ala my Aunt Barbie.
18. Kringle made by Auntie Bev.
19. Grandma Beulah's chocolate jumbos

20. My mother’s vegetable beef and egg dumpling soup.

Did you see a theme in those last five? Like grocery shopping, one ought not to blog while hungry.


The Arffs said...

Hi Jennifer. I came across this blog: laughingpurplegoldfish.blogspot

and I thought of you (and my sister), since you like crafting gifts. Her ideas are very cute and made from recycled materials. You should check it out.

I still enjoy reading your blog. There is always something creative and fun to soak up. Take care!

Deron Arnold said...

Love the cream cheese mints. I used to keep eating these at wedding receptions until somebody would make me stop.

Oh, and the jumbos! It's getting to be that time of year again.