02 December 2008

Why more people should take Intro to Women's Studies

Two students standing in the hallway at the college where I work. I overheard them talking.

Boy: I dunno, I think she's a feminist or something.
Girl: Oh? Why?
Boy: Because everytime I ask her for help in lab or whatever, she's all snotty and stuff.

I call them "boy" and "girl" even though they are over 18, because they annoyed me.


Megan said...

On a completely unrelated note, I stumbled upon this blog:

Mostly, I was amazed at her quilt. But she also has a standard poodle, so I thought of you! Maybe she breeds them...

Sam Kaiser said...

Did they also ask if she's a plaid shirt wearing lesbian?

Oh, and p.s. Your article on crockpots made me miss mine completely. The british just aren't into slow cookers it appears. Sad. Oh, and round steak. It was a bad day for crockpot recipe cravings.

Megan said...

Yay! So happy some delicious jewelry is on its way!

Ohhhh. Let's not even discuss what it takes to be lazy. I think I've got every line checked off on that particular list. And it's not a charming sort of lazy either.

So far the Emmeline pattern is great! It explains in detail, which is very helpful for someone who hasn't cut something out of a pattern since 4-H days! I'll try to post pics once they're finished.