30 December 2008

Crafty holidays

(thanks for your sweet comments on the last post, and to those who didn't comment but who e-mailed or called. Seriously, thank you).
Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.
When I wasn't eating or taking pictures of snow at the in-laws, I was watching V dance and crocheting. I've been making dishcloths, and getting a bit tired of squares, so I decided to make a hat. Every so often I held it up to V's giant head...and here it is, modeled by an uncharacteristically camera avoident girl:

It's a bit beret-y on top, which wasn't really what I was going for, but if she ever wants to tuck all her hair up under her hat, this will hold it. Of course, this is more of a summer hat, and by summer her head will probably be bigger. But for now, I'm proud of myself.

Before the end of the semester, I had about half a day between grading marathons and I let myself craft. That's when I made the slankets, remember? Well in looking online for slankets, I found a pattern for a scoodie, a scarf-hood combo that I found irresistable. I must warn you: below is the dorkiest picture of anyone ever taken.

(I told you it was dorky) My scoodie has cuddle-soft lining and quilting fabric on the outside. If I make one again, I would do three things: make the hood smaller (it's folded up here, otherwise it hangs over my eyes), line it (so it would be super warm, instead of just pretty warm), and make the scarf longer. It barely goes around my thick neck twice. I've also seen these with mittens at the end of the scarf, but I think a scoodietten is a little too much multi-tasking for me. Shaun thought it was fine until he realized I intended to wear it in public. Which I do. With pride. Looking just as dorky as I can.

I almost bought the pattern for this, but I'm really really cheap, so I didn't. But you could get me that as I present, if you wanted to.

In other news, my aunt Shirley wants me to audition for this show. I'm kinda chicken-livered, though...what if I had to go? What if they made me hike around the fjords? I'm in no shape for that. I need a scoodie-sewing reality show to try out for.

Hope those of you in the midwest are staying warm. I'm wearing my scoodie and my slanket at the same time, and though it feels wrong, I'm pretty sure it's right.


Megan said...

I never know what to expect with you! You had me bawling a couple days ago...nodding and swiping at tears of understanding. Now you have me giggling uncontrollably at the sight of you in a scoodietten that's running around my head.

Since you made the scarf portion of you scoodie a little on the short side, I'm imagining you unable to lower your arms while wearing the scoodietten.

Come on. Join me in this hysterical image. You know you wanna.

By the way...we have yet to reach the climax of my story. Part Two and possibly Three are on the way.

Trudy Hest said...

Hi, it's me Trudy, Grant's wife. I got your blog address from the back of your Christms card. I just looked through your blog and love it! I wish I was as creative with making things as you. I love the hat on little V! I was just telling Grant that if we ever have children he much know they are going to be wearing a lot of different crazy hats! I might have to hire you to make some eh' I've started my own blog not to long ago. I started it to put my "green" recipes on but now I use it for whatever. Being so far away from my friends in the cities and nd I feel it's a good way for everyone to keep tabs on me.
Hope all is well
Take Care!
Trudy Hest

Trudy said...

Have you heard of the the book crafty mama by abby pecoriello? I saw it online and thought of you.