07 January 2009

Hooked on phonics worked for V

A little winter reading:
V likes Eliot, but really, her heart is with the Beats.
Okay, so she doesn't really know how to read yet, but she's learning her letters and their sounds and it's lots of fun to see her little mind come to understand all that stuff. And I can hardly wait to discuss The Wasteland and On the Road with her. And by "discuss" I mean "tell her what they mean."
Because seriously, that's my job.
Happy New Year, folks. May all your reading this year be compelling.


Sam Kaiser said...

How come your students get to read On the Road and I didn't? What, you think they're better than me? Or was it because I had classmates that were illiterate and ate their hair?

Jennifer said...

Sammy: what makes you think my students read On the Road? Huh? My DAUGHTER, yes. My students? Only rarely.