13 January 2009

Local Headlines

Girl on Sick Leave Becomes Obsessed with Addams Family Reruns: Family forced to do constant Lurch impersonations.
Seriously. When I got Season One of the Addam's Family for Christmas this year, I imagined I would mostly watch them on those rare occassions when I was home alone, crocheting something, and there was little else I wanted to watch on TV. Instead, V suddenly got interested, and for the last three days it's almost the only thing we've watched. I'm working on an insightful post on the sociological commentary offered by the program, as you might expect. In the meantime, I'm forced to play "The Addams Family meets the Princesses" and so on.

V's got pneumonia. It started with a bad cold on Friday, but by Sunday I could hear her wheezing from across the room. We've been to the ER twice in the last three days, and have a home nebulizer now, with treatments every four hours while she's awake. She's stayed her usual perky self all through this, which is kinda weird: even while the doctors were seriously considering admitting her, she was playing and laughing and singing, though she could barely take a breath. One mean person at the ER (visiting someone in the space next to V) said outloud "Sounds like SOMEONE doesn't need to be here..." I almost punched her in the face. Because, you know, we're just here because we were bored at home, and not because I was afraid MY CHILD WOULD TURN BLUE. Jerk lady.

V's getting better, though. I'm not sure when she'll go back to school, but it seems like tomorrow or the next day are likely candidates. Yesterday was my first day of the new semester, so I've been a little stressed out. Hopefully this means the rest of the semester will be breezy, comparably. Right? Right? Just agree with me.

It's time to get to "The Addams' Throw an Ice Cream Social." Lurch is having chocolate; I think Pugsley wants praline pecan. How about you?


Megan said...

Sign me up for Bubble Gum!

I'm glad to hear V is on the mend. Avery had bronchitis this fall (his cough sounded like it was coming out of a 90-year-old man with advanced emphysema - frightening).

By the way, I'm impressed and proud that you didn't lower yourself to JerkLady's level. I have a hard time keeping the old yap shut in those instances. I like to think of it as some kind of Mama Tiger syndrome.

Mink*e said...

Sorry about V - it's rough, these sick little ones, isn't it? Oliver's had a decent winter so far, but this fall we had one really bad cold requiring prednizone, in addition to albuterol every 4 hours all day and night, and it was hell. So scary. Life seems so fragile sometimes. I'm glad she's cheerful and getting better. My kids can be serious stinkers on any old day, but are also remarkable troopers when they're sick.

Deron Arnold said...

The Addams Family would scare the pants off my boys.

They sometimes get frightened of Dora!

Jennifer said...

Dora scares me! All that hollering in Spanish...I didn't expect V to like this show at all, actually. It's in black and white, and it's not like there's a lot of action most of the time...it's all so very strange.