30 January 2009

Ear Infection #4

Seriously, this whole pre-school germ acclimation thing is ridiculous. V's been sick 85 % of the last six months! What kind of life is this?

She woke up every hour after bedtime last night until 3 am. We thought maybe she was excited for some reason, or had some bad peanut butter (sorry. bad joke). But she seemed physically fine, just unable to sleep more than an hour. At 3, she started crying and holding her ear. Oh, right. Maybe you can't sleep because you're in terrible pain. Sorry your mom isn't quicker on the uptake, V-ness.

One dose of ibuprofen later, and she slept for five hours. When we saw the doctor a few hours later, Dr. Card actually winced at what I can only imagine is a horribly mangled ear canal. We go in for a recheck on Monday, and hope it's viral and resolves itself. Or the eardrum could burst, apparently, which sounded terrible, but the doctor said it would likely feel better afterwards. For now, the ibuprofen is keeping the pain at bay pretty well.

The best part of today? When we were called up from the waiting room, the nurse said, "V?" and V said, "Um, my name is Wednesday."

"Wednesday?" the nurse said with amusement, raising an eyebrow in my direction. I nodded and shrugged.

"Yes," V said. Then she gestured toward me, walking a few steps behind. "And this is my mother, Morticia."

Seriously, people. I can't make this stuff up.


The Arffs said...

Are you serious? That's the funniest thing ever! (not the ear infection, the Morticia thing - and btw, it does feel better after the eardrum breaks, been there). Forgive me if this is a dumb question, what is V short for?

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Charlotte...and V is her full name. It's not short for anything. Her birth certificate says V Elizabeth. As my mother said, "Well, that's different."

J. Beyer said...

Poor Miss V! :( And yet, still on top of the funnies even when she is in pain...gotta love the fortitude.