26 January 2009

Weekend Love

Often, our weekends are either hectic or boring: we go somewhere for the weekend, which means packing and organizing and driving and then laundry when we get home, or V and I stay home while Shaun works, with no car, in -20 weather. This past weekend was to be the latter, with Shaun working three full shifts in three days. Instead, dear friends came in from out of town, and V and I partied like it was 1999 (when V would’ve been negative 6. You know what I mean). We visited and played and swam and talked and hung out and ate local favorite restaurant food. Anyway, you know how when you have a really great weekend that you feel all refreshed and ready to face the week? This time, I feel more sad that the weekend is over. Our out of town friends live four + hours away, and we don't see our in-town friends nearly enough (though we're working on that...). At any rate, let's have a summary of the excitement that was some of this past weekend, through photos. Tenessa, the love of my life. I realize the sun is shining directly on her chest here: this was not my intention to capture, though I think it's kind of funny.
Shaun and Uncle Danny, the other love of my life and the spouse of the love of my life. Aren't they both dreamy?
Friday! He's a 50 year old roofer in an 18 month old body.

Cute shoes.

V and Linus, age 3 and 4.

The best and creepiest waterslide I have ever seen.

That really sums up our Friday and Saturday. Well, that, and some pizza, and some Thai food. And some coca-cola. Yum.

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Tenessa said...

Ack! Somehow I haven't read the blog since we came to Fargo. How has it eluded me?

I love you so, so much. Someday we're totally gonna figure out how to start a successful publishing company in Moorhead, and all of our problems will be solved.