24 January 2009

Mama, will you play castle with me?

V asks several times a day if I'll play castle with her. She got this great Melissa & Doug castle (see my Amazon sponsored ad at left. Please don't judge me) for Christmas from Grandma Myra, and it's quickly become an obsession. When Mama gets involved, though, terrible things sometimes happen. Here, a happy Jester meets a scorpion. And you really want to stay away from the Angry Frog. He's already eaten the king, even as Spider Man looks on, curious but unable (or unwilling?) to intervene.

After rescuing the jester, V promptly fed the princess to Angry Frog (as Calm Cow looks on). Oh, the humanity.


Trudy said...

This is such a great use of your imagination girls! I actually find it really funny!

Megan said...

How divine!

Please update us on the castle saga regularly. I have a feeling it could be much more enticing than daytime soap operas (not that it takes much to top those, but you get the idea...)!