10 November 2010

Makeover reveal

We've done this before. And it was fine. But every time we go from this

 to this
I get a little nervous. It's just...it's such a big change. But man, she STILL hates having her hair combed, and it was starting to get rat-nesty, and her shorter hair is adorable and makes her look like she's ten years old or something crazy. When I was five, and got my long hair all cut off (and I mean ALL), I wanted long hair again for the next ten years. Before falling asleep every night, after I'd said my prayers, I'd wish for a genie to offer me three wishes, and my first one was always, always to have waist-length hair again.

But V is not me (though I hated having my hair combed, too), and though she says she likes her hair, she really just doesn't seem to notice much. She's got her father's vanity, maybe, or penchant for low-maintainence. Whichever. I'm just thankful we don't have to try to struggle through hairbrushing anymore, and she's not obsessively thinking of a magic genie.

At least, I don't think she is.

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Charlotte said...

LOVE! Looks awesome.