07 November 2010

List #2: Things I Love About Tenessa

My dearest friend turns 35 today. We had a campaign kick-off for her run for president (which, as you know, you can't be unless you're at least 35) last night, with cheese and cupcakes and meatballs and pumpkin cake rolls and Strongbow. It was all I'd ever dreamed of for a presidential campaign, and I think she has a good shot to win in 2012.

Anyway, I wanted to write another list post today, but every other topic seems silly, since it's TG's birthday and whatnot.

1. She had a Simpson's Rainbow wedding. Really. I didn't get to be a bridesmaid, but still...
2. She and her husband introduced me to Shaun. and Liz Phair. and fresh mozzerella. and Tenacious D. and cider. and our friends Susanne, and Carla, and Andrea, and Kelly, and Sarah, and Robby, and...the list goes on and on.
3. The day I fell in love with her, we were in our Margaret Atwood class and she was wearing a hunter green shirt with dogs all over it. On purpose.
4. When she lived in NYC, she had Margaret Atwood sign a copy of Oryx and Crake for me.
5. When I'm with her, I often laugh until my stomach hurts and my face aches from grinning.
6. When I'm freaking out (which doesn't happen as often as you might think, surprisingly), I can call her (even at work) and she will make me feel better. Every. time.
7. She really loves V, and vice versa.
8. She's in the process of raising 2 awesome sons. They love V too.
9. She's cool, tall, vulnerable, and luscious.

Happy birthday, my friend. Don't forget us when you're President.


Tenessa Glee said...

While I am cool and vulnerable, I am decidedly NOT tall. And you only think I'm luscious after two margaritas.

I love love LOVE you, Jennifer Loytherematey Ganyo. Thanks for an exceptional weekend!

Your BFF,


Trudy said...

You are truly blessed to have a bf like this!