27 November 2010

Rocket loves Shaun

I love dogs. Love, love, love, love, love them. My whole life, I've had beloved dogs: Toosk, Josh & Cookie, Toosk II & Zoe Johnson, Zuul & Egon....I love how they smell, how they show devotion, how they play fetch. I love dogs.

But ever since Egon, we've been a pet-free home.  And I don't like it. But, I mean, I understand the positives, too: During the school year, I work all the damn time, and though Shaun likes dogs okay, he does not have the love love love that I do for them.  It's much easier not having to train a dog, or clean up during the training, or being home every 4 hours or finding someone else who can be.  But man, I miss having a furball curled up behind my knees (besides Shaun, I mean). I miss slobbery dog kisses and playing tug with rope toys.

Enter Rocket: my sister's family's sweet dog. He looks like an ewok, hardly ever barks, and is a loving ball of chewing fur. And having a dog nephew is almost the best of both worlds: we get to love him up whenever we're at Jess', and we aren't responsible for his training, grooming, or chewing. And once in awhile, when we're lucky, he comes to visit at our house. And snuggles in behind my knees. Ah. It's not as good as my own sweet pupdog, but it's a whole lot better than nothin'.


Roger said...

Hey there Jen, I am thinking with a little bit of training that Shaun could be the slobbering doggie kisses, and playing the rope tug of war thing. Hate to see you completely deprived of the dog things. lol.

christine said...

I love dogs too! Ours is a 14-yr-old English Setter that is in great shape. My neighbor's German Shepherd was 13 and died last night. I cried right along with her. Love having them but hard when they die :(

Tenessa Glee said...

There is a chance that we may adopt a cat. He was Terry's favorite kitty, and his name was Gus. And he is named after Agustus McCrae. I hope you and I can still be friends if this comes to pass.