17 November 2010


Oh, my darlings. Today is momentous because it is my 400th post on Languishing: the Blog. In my time in blogland, I've seen blogs rise and fall, seen many friends start blogs just to post pictures (which is awesome), seen a few friends kick themselves for not posting more often (which just means they care too much: be like me! Say crap! It's all good), and considered all sorts of pros and cons and ins and outs and stalagmites and stalagtites. I still sometimes read posts old out loud to Shaun and giggle, or shake my head and hover over the delete button, but here we are at Four. Hundred. Posts. That's more than one a day for a year. Except it took me almost 5 years. But still! That's an average of 80 posts a year! Which is more than one a week! Which is a lot better than I'd thought I'd do, considering my extreme laziness and determination to fail at most things.

To celebrate FOUR. HUNDRED. POSTS, I'm hosting a giveaway. It is not enormous, because we here at Languishing are not wealthy people. We are simple people with simple needs, and assume our readers are also simple. So you will get a 5x7 print of one of my photographs, a yet-to-be-determined stuffed creature (do you like voo-doo dolls? Or snails? Because that's what I've got, pretty much), a pair of lovingly handcrafted earrings, and probably some glitter if I can fit any in the envelope I send to you. To win, leave a comment on THIS post, and I will use the Random Number Generator to chose a winner.  One entry per person, please, because we play fair here in Languishingland. Comments will close at 11:59pm on Friday, November 19th, 2010.

But WAIT! Because this is the Four Hundreth Post, I'm going to give away not one but TWO prizes. The second prize will be another copy of one of my 5x7 prints, and extra glitter. TWO PRIZES! 400 POSTS! I was told there would be no math.

To get a bonus entry (BONUS ENTRY!), in your comment, give me an idea for a future post: what do you want me to write about? What is it about Languishing that you've always wanted to know but were afraid to ask? If you give me an idea, any idea, even if it's lame, I will count your entry twice (twice!) and, on a lovely piece of stationery, keep track of it all so the Random Number Generator can do its magic and you will have twice (twice!) the chance to win. I'll explain the details of the Lovely Piece of Stationery later, and probably post a photo, too, so no one accuses us of anything untoward.

I love the word untoward.

Anyhoo, get commenting! Big prizes! No whammies! Please, I do this blog for you, gentle readers. Let me give two of you presents for reading. Leave me a comment (with some way I can reach you, if I don't have that already). FOUR HUNDRED POSTS. Seriously. Let's party.

ps: You can win even if you're related to me, because I always think that's sad when employees and families of employees can't win. Plus, I'm addicted to comments.



Charlotte said...

I'm first....whee! So, do you have an album of all your photo art? It would be cool to see, you know, in case I won! I read your blog because I like your wit and humor. Plus, you being a smartypants college instructor and all, you know how to write VERY well. Its fun to read. Like candy for my eyeballs. Or brain. Whatever..

Anonymous said...

I like glitter. A lot. Thank you for your consideration. Jennifer Hines

PS I like your blog too

PSS I think you need to write more about glitter in the future.

PSSS I also think you should write more about your students. They are our future after all.

Jamie said...

I love the way glitter looks, but I do not like glitter (because of the mess and its staying power). I agree that you are witty, but I just don't have time to stop by often, or at all for that matter. I just happened to click the link and read the word CONTEST, and I got sucked in. I must admit, I was also compelled to comment because I skimmed a bit and the random prize struck me as strange and random, which I love.

Pete said...

I cannot stand glitter. But I do follow your blog! It's actually probably one that I read most frequently! Photo please. Voodoo doll please.

Lesley said...

Congrats on your 400th post. Thanks for keeping me amused with a side of thinkin' thrown in. (I remember getting the paper zine back in Morris. Good times.)

Some future entry suggestions:
1) Your thoughts on goldfish crackers. Pro/con? Any associated food confusion? Pet stand-in?
2) Your favorite/least favorite Christmas decorations? Are you bad person/parent if you don't partake in the ritual?
3) Steal Andy Rooney's favorite complaint: Coffee in coffee cans is shrinking - discuss.

Keep up the good work old friend!

Jennifer said...

400 posts. Wow, you're my hero.

More lists! What are your dream jobs? What are some book titles you would like to write? Lists are good.

I am pro-glitter but anti-voo doo doll.

Dan said...

I'm typing this comment on a PHONE! IT HAS TO GO TO SPACE! 400 posts? Are you kidding me? I remember when Languishing was made of paper and you had that Dan Lee contributing. Man! He was top drawer.

Bring back Dan Lee. That's my suggestion.

400! Whoo!

Trudy said...

Congrats! Me loving gnomes and mushrooms especially enjoy your mushroom picture posts;)...hint hint if I win. I do enjoy your stories and lists and wonderful photography skills!

Anonymous said...

Wow - 400 - good work! I'd love to be entered. And I'd love to hear more student stories since it's kind of fun, as a student, to hear stories from the other side. And, as a fellow crafter, I always derive a great deal of inspiration from seeing crafty stuff from other people. And more pics of V. She is too cute. - Meagan