02 November 2010

Trick or Treat, dammit.

This year, again, V and I went to Hendrum to trick-or-treat. Actually, last year I just dropped her off: so this year, I got to go along. I suppose it's normal, since Hendrum is the only town I ever trick or treated in, but it just doesn't seem like Hallween to me if we're not there.
First we had pizza at Jess and Brad's, and then we got costumed up, and struggled to take a group picture (V's feeding Emmy pretend candy).
And then we went. Alice in Wonderland, a dragon, and a puppy ran up and down the wee town's deserted streets, stormed into people's houses (which is okay, since we all know each other, but a little weird), usually said "Thank you" and laughed and ate and said together "Trick-or-Treat!" in that cute sing-songy little kid way.

No, I didn't make V's costume, and I have plenty of mama guilt for it, thankyouverymuch. But we bought it Menard's (you know, the costume mecca) for $9, and I cannot sew a dress for that kind of money, seriously. Besides, she clearly has a bad attitude. I can't be expected to wrangle that AND sew a costume.

My dear little hometown came through with a sweet, fun, candy-laden Halloween once again. Hope yours was good, too!

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