28 October 2010


I had a boatload of cousins around me growing up, and they were like siblings, but better, because we never had to share a room or a parent. So I'm always happy when V gets to hang out with one or more of her four cousins. Will, at 17 days her junior, is the closest to her in age, and they get to hang out fairly often.

 She is headstrong and determined, but when she's around Will she often lets him lead. Here, they're playing POP THE BUBBLES! which must be spoken loudly and with great excitement. They do a good job trading back and forth, deciding what to play and how, and though they do fight sometimes, they usually get over it quickly. Since V won't likely ever have a brother or sister, her cousins are the ones who will remember her childhood with her.

They really love each other. I'm so glad.

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