01 October 2010

My trusty sidekick

I really said all I had to say on this subject last year, but lo and behold here's another birthday.

The best part of having a sister is whenever our parents drove us crazy, whenever one of us had a bad day at school, whenever we needed to have a good screaming fight, we had each other. It's not unlike having a sidekick, a superhero partner, a Daphne to my Velma.
We both went to UMM: did you know that? She transfered to the Twin Cities campus the year I graduated, and so poor UMM found themselves Johnson sister-less entirely in 1995.  I bet they still talk about us there. They should. 

In Morris, at the grocery store once, we were checking out and laughing about something silly, and the cashier (the Willie's Girl, I think she was called) said "I know you two are sisters, but are you twins?" We stared at her, and then burst out laughing. We've always felt we look nothing alike. Only crazy people think we're twins. But Willie's Girl was, it turned out, a twin herself. Hm.

Now that we're married with our own kids, we never get our picture taken together anymore, mostly because one or both of is behind the camera most of the time. I'll work on that. But here she is from this summer, with her fancy-schmancy camera, taking pictures of our kids and their second cousins.

I love you, Daphne. You're the best sister a girl could ask for.

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