23 October 2010

Pumpkin party!

Our dear friend Carla threw a pumpkin carving party in her garage today, and between us all, we carved 17 pumpkins. No one got hurt (except the pumpkins), we had delicious hot dish, and a whole lot of fun.
Kate, on the left, above, grew and tended the pumpkin patch from whence all 17 came. 'Cause that's how we role in Hendrum.
 Here's Chelsey, who missed a Bison game to be with us today. I remember the day she was born. In fact, I remember the day her parents got married. In fact, I remember the day her father graduated from high school. In fact, oh, hell, this could go on all day.
 This was the first pumpkin V and I carved. I did a lousy job of angling the knife to make sure the top wouldn't fall in, but inside was the loveliest pumpkin flesh I've ever seen. It wasn't slimy at all, but sort of fluffy, and pale yellow.
 I've long been a traditionalist when it comes to pumpkin carving, avoiding those fancy-schmancy cutting kits, but Carla had a whole collection of fantastic patterns. The pumpkin next to Kristen up there, the first pumpkin on the left in the top row? That's ours.
 The second one we carved is the one on the left in the third row, by Chelsey's seasonally inappropriate flip-flops. It's a 5-toothed monster. It was much more complicated (he was supposed to have 6 teeth), but still fun. 
The only picture I got of Carla that she'd let me put on the blog. Actually, I didn't check with her on this one, but since it's not of her backside I figure we're good. Thanks for a lovely day, lovely tatertot hotdish, and lovely company, dear friends. I like how y'all roll in Hendrum.

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Charlotte said...

I think I like the way you roll in Hendrum!!