06 October 2010

A recent project to share

17 days after V was born, we welcomed William Duane in to the world, and so our Septembers since have been full of birthday excitement. After I made V her sweatshirt last spring, she proclaimed a desire for all of her cousins to have their own. And so, on September 23rd, I wandered down to the basement, found the bought-at-the-thrift-store-but-still-brand-new brown sweatshirt in Will's size, and cut a W out of spaceship print flannel. Then I pinned in near the middle and sewed it down with a wide slow zig-zag stitch.

This picture doesn't show it well, but the flannel is light blue with flying saucers and rockets (which he's kind of into right now). And it's a bit big for him, so hopefully he'll be able to wear it for a couple of years. And also, it smells like my basement (oops! Sorry, nephew) but hopefully that will wash right out, and he will have many hours of happy playing. It's almost like a superhero cape, but with more function and less risk of getting caught on a tree branch.

Emmy & Jake, I'll try to wash out that basement smell ahead of time if you pretend to be surprised at Christmas, okay?

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