12 October 2010

Two birds and a sunset

I like writing for this blog, and lately I like posting pictures even more. Please comment. Though my stats tell me otherwise, I feel sometimes like I'm talking to myself. Which is okay, too, I guess. But if you're reading, tell me what you had for breakfast today. I could use inspiration.


Christine said...

not many people comment on my blog but I have been told there are more than post because they have told me they read it but are unable or not too comfortable posting on my blog. Sometimes they send me an email. I don't know how many but as long as there are some it's okay with me 'cause I find it very therapeutic and I love doing it. Btw, I enjoy reading your immensely. The one pic of V by the lake would make a great Christmas card! so pretty!

Sam Kaiser said...

I'm still here, stalking you every morning while I have my coffee at work.

Breakfast consisted of two cups of coffee and an almond breakfast bar. Delicious.

Charlotte said...

I am a faithful reader! I adore your blog and am an addict. I am always super excited when I see you have a new post. I would comment on every single post but you might think that was creepy. Anyway, I love what you write and I love the pictures you take. Oh, and granola with greek yogurt ;)
Did you notice how almost all those sentences started with "I"? Nice writing skills I have, eh?

Lesley White-Kayser said...

Hey Babe! I always look forward to checking your blog and your pictures. I don't comment much because I'm boring and don't want the harsh contrast to your living writing. Your pictures are always delightful; the eCard I made from your picture last year is still online and still one of my favs.