16 October 2010

Picture day

Monday was picture day at V's preschool, and of course we were warned well in advance, but I can't be expected to remember everything. Besides, on Mondays, Shaun gets up with her and takes her to school, so it was 10am before I realized I hadn't sent back the envelope (which clearly states "envelope MUST be filled out completely and payment enclosed in order for the child to be photographed) and check. Luckily, my sister is V's teacher, and just one frantic phone call later and we were set.

Except I had no idea what she was wearing, or if her hair had been brushed or not. And if it hadn't been, I was pretty sure she wouldn't let some stranger with a comb come anywhere near her.

But she did. And the reddish-orange t-shirt doesn't look as bad as I'd feared, either. Suddenly, I feel a bit inconsequential in this whole process.


Charlotte said...

I spaced out one of Eden's pictures days too once. V looks beautiful. Love her thick hair!

Jess said...

Kay, if I would have been there I would have had them do it again cause of all the cheese in the smile. But I know that will make her dad happier in the long run and she is just so dern cute! I think i must have left her last years 5x7 at your house when we were making aprons a while back cause I can't find it. I want it. With my new one maybe. And if you could order one for Will and Em for their rooms it would be greatly appreciated. Kay. Love you bye bye