14 May 2010

Kids clothes week, Day 3

I was going to do one post on days 3, 4, and 5, but the number of pictures I want to post would make that unwieldy. So I'm breaking this into 2 or 3 posts, for your viewing pleasure.The green long-sleeved tee above might not look that complicated, but it's the first thing aside from very basic nightgowns that I've ever sewn with knit. I was ridiculously nervous: though I've been sewing for almost 20 years, it's all been with quilting or upholstery weight cottons, and knits are a whole different beast. It requires a different kind of needle, moves through the machine differently, and is all around just plain different. And where I come from, "different" does not usually equal "good."But I followed the directions (from this lovely Kwik Sew for Children book that my aunt Shirley gave me when V was wee), with great trepidation. And it worked! I could hardly believe it. She wore it and the bicycle skirt (which she has proclaimed her favorite) to school today.
The other project I completed for day 3 was an embellishment of her existing sweatshirt. It's still that funny spring-time weather here, when it's often in the 40s on our way to school, but in the mid 60s by 11:30 when I pick her up. This warm sweatshirt (99 cents at my favorite thrift store, and it's brand new...) is perfect. But boring. Until now.
V picked the fabric, the size, and the placement, and it's the first thing I've sewn for her that Shaun is totally thrilled about, too. I mean, Shaun likes all the things I sew, but he loves this.

Yes, we know it looks like the TV show. Yes, her real name is V. This is her jacket. Any questions?

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