14 May 2010

Kids clothes week, Day 5

Skirt #3: from an orange table cloth we had our wedding reception. Bloomers #2: to keep Dora et al covered up, and look cute, and allow my girl to do her somersaults like she wants to.
And pants #3, in an upholstery weight, denim-like fabric I bought before V was a year old.

Man, I'm kinda tired. I'll try to do one more batch tomorrow, and then provide you with a full list of finished projects. I'm not trying to make you feel bad, if you're not a sewist or you haven't felt like doing this project. I'm just tooting my own horn, because for once I've committed and followed through. If it weren't so rare, I'd be annoying myself by now.

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Emily, Scott, and August said...

Seriously?!? Good lord, I'm hoping to get in an hour a month. Those curtains still don't have hems......