14 May 2010

Kids clothes week, Day 4

Here we have pants #1 of 3; bloomers #1 of at least 2; and shirt #2 of 2. The bloomers are necessary because if she doesn't wear tights, her Dora the Explorer underpants tend to be too easily revealed, even with the longish skirts I make her, and her preschool has a no-character policy. Oops!

Close up of the ruffle detail on the capri pants. The ruffle is from a roll of 4 different 1.5-2" pre-made ruffles I found at our local thrift store sometime in the last couple of years. I knew I wanted it to go on her clothes, but I wasn't sure how to do it. Kwik Sew came to the rescue again, and just by looking at their ruffled skirt, I kind of figured it out. They look super cute on, but my model was uncooperative, I'm afraid. Here is today's shirt. After day 3's success with knits, I got a little cocky, and cut and sewed this one within 90 minutes. It's terrycloth, which is cuddly in theory, but I'm not entirely convinced it works in practice. We'll see how well it wears. But I love the design and the colors so, so much. I actually have enough of this left to make myself a skirt.

I think I'll end the post there, because I'm pretty sure my sister just spit Mello Yello through her nose. She just doesn't appreciate my fashion sense.

Thanks for reading my nerdy sewing posts!

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