10 May 2010

In over my head, as usual.

Crazy stuff happens in blogland. Mostly I just observe, but it's been declared kids clothes week, and as I need to make V's summer wardrobe, I figured this was as good a time as any. The rules are we're all supposed to spend at least an hour a day this week sewing clothes for our kids. Me and about 248 other people have signed up, and now that I went and publicly said I would, I figure I'd better. But today I didn't have a whole hour to spend with the sewing machine, so instead I cut things out and picked out fabric and patterns. I have big plans, I tell you, and I'll list them at the end here. I did have about eight minutes to sew, so I whipped up these sweet pajama pants. Using this basic tutorial and a pair of V's leggings, I cut the sleeves off a nifty thrift-store men's XL long sleeved t shirt, sewed the crotch seam, folded over a waistband for elastic, and wala! Sorry for the poorly lighted photos: these were taken right before bed, because that's when I had my eight minutes. V's a tall 4 year old, and I had to cut past the sleeves into the body of the shirt. I was worried the stripes would make things too weird, but they came together so that it looks like an intentional design. If I were a less honest blogperson, I'd totally pretend I meant to do that.

She absolutely LOVES them (but she hates the camera flash...hence the face) and wants a shirt to match out of the leftover material. So I know what my first part of tomorrow's sewing will entail...and then on to my to-do list:

2 skirts

2 dresses

3 pairs of capri and/or full length pants

at least 2 shirts

It will likely take me more than 5 hours to sew all of this, but I can make a good start, and once I get rolling, I tend to not stop until I run out of elastic or her dresser's full, whichever comes first. Tune in tomorrow for more sewing excitement!

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Lila Jo said...

What a great challenge, isn't it? I like the pants, and her faces are too cute!