30 May 2010


To celebrate the end of V and my school year, all three of us went to an indoor Ferris Wheel across town. It's pretty impressive, and also, it's named Ruby.
V and $haun have ridden this many times together, so she and I went first. She was sooo excited to show me this fancy thing. And also, she really wanted to see Daddy when our car stopped on top.

I, on the other hand, have apparently developed a fear of heights since my last Ferris Wheel ride. There were lots of white knuckles. Do you know how much a 4 year old can move on a Ferris Wheel? Can you read this, from the seat in front of us? In the RED CAPITAL LETTERS?

V can read, but seemed unconcerned by this clear warning. Finally, I told her I was kind of nervous. She patted my back with her little hand and said, "It's okay, Mama. I'll take care of you."
Really, though, I need to stay on the ground from now on. Who else will take the photos? And don't these two look ridiculously happy?

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