12 May 2010

Clothes sewing, Day 2

Skirt from vintage bicycle print. Check. Skirt from sweet birdie print. Made too short. Added 4" flounce to make it decent. Check.
Photographed three of the four finished items on the clothesline. (V refused to take off the bicycle skirt once she had it on). Check.
V noticed the grass was extra long, and decided to make a quick grass angel.



Charlotte said...

that skirt is adorable! man, I wish I could sew properly.

Rolando said...

very creative,also like the poem.If u want poitry just lower thy.unknowingly forbiding see why glance sleeves of ur daughters leive n try sighn from tryn to give riotly all u have to this god giving creation.Sin R.O. 4rm Sunnyvale CA skrolie209@gmail.com