06 April 2008

At least she hasn't destroyed the temple. Yet.

Dear Samson,

Look, I understand why you’re upset. I know you didn’t see this coming: frankly, neither did I. I mean, I kept hearing all this conflicting information: some people adored your long hair (my mom, your mom, little old ladies in the grocery store). Others, like your father, thought it was just getting in your way. All I know is that the snarls you woke up with on Saturday couldn’t have been worse if they’d been made my actual squirrels. Three combs broke just looking at those tangles.

Even before you were in the chair, I apologized to the hair professional for the mess she was about to encounter. And perhaps your screaming, which brought no fewer than 4 other stylists over with offers to help, is what made me finally decide. (Well, that and the knowledge that your hair grows faster than you talk, which is near the speed of light). At any rate, I hope you don’t look back on this weekend angrily in the coming years. I promise you can grow it out again, if you want to. It just had to be done.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer -
This is Megan from your M/W evening English class. I hope you don't mind...I found this blog site when I Googled you one day :) What I wanna know is: Is that a real parrot in the background of the second picture??

lynne said...

When my daughter was five, she donated eleven inches of her hair. I was so worried that she would be upset after the cut; but she wasn't, she thought she looked great, and I was delighted to realize how much self-confidence little girls have, and I was saddened to think about how many of them lose it as they grow up!
She looks great.

cricket said...

She looks adorable...before and after! When are we getting together? Sometime soon, I hope!

The parrot comment is hilarious!