12 April 2008

Because we are country folk, and this is our way.

One day a few years ago, a deer bounded through our backyard. I know for many of my family members this is not that odd, but we live a good 15 blocks from the city limits on all sides (well, 12 blocks on one side) so it startled me. Shaun said I was hallucinating, but I ran out into the backyard to check and our neighbor to our west was doing the same. We totally had a "Did you see that too? Dang!" moment together. It was lovely. Though it's not likely safe for the deer, I wish it happened more often, really.

In only mildly related news, I had a nightmare once about being attacked by wild birds, prompted by the flock of turkeys that live by the Georgetown Bridge. I dreamt I stopped to take pictures of them (which I have done on several occasions) and they turned on me, and up from under the bridge came chickens and hawks and loons. The loons were the fiercest, and bit me repeatedly, even as I tried to close the car door without hurting them.

You'd think that would make me dislike this story, but actually I love wild birds, and it makes me really happy that no one is talking about how to get these beautiful creatures out of town.

But if a loon shows up at my front door, I'm not opening it. Just fierce, I tell you.

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Sam Kaiser said...

I'm quite scared of wild birds. Those turkeys seem vicious. Not to mention I think there is a serious killer squirrel problem going on outside my department building. After years of students feeding them and perhaps some unnatural London Water, these fierce little mini-rats-with-fur now think it's ok to jump on student's backpacks and laps. Not to mention we have a bird that pukes on shoulders. Not poop, puke.

I'm glad you still hold a fondness for them. P.s. I saw Dora the explorer on the tv in your last post. Isn't she an illegal immigrant? That's what they're saying these days...