28 December 2010

List #11: The good parts of 2010

As the year whirls to an end, and I try to meet my self-prescribed post quota, I've decided to try to come up with 9 good things that happened this year. Let's see if it works.

9. We got our second car. It still makes me happy every time I drive it, even though it was damaged in the fender-bender on the Worst Day Ever. But let's not talk about that.

8. There was a magnificent wall of mushrooms near Lake Belle Taine.

7. I started using a 35mm camera, and I liked it. Now I just need to find a reliable, talented developer. Suggestions are welcome.

6. V learned to ride her bike. Another step to growing up. For Christmas, I got my own bike helmet, so I won't feel like such a hypocrite when we go for bike rides together.

5. I started my genius list project. (I don't know why I call it genius, especially since I saw a bunch of other folks doing it first).

4. V and I went camping again. I hope we can do that at least once a year until she abhors me, and beyond.

3. The Red River Valley Fair was pretty awesome for us this year.

2. V had one heckuva birthday party.

1. Shaun and I got to go to Vegas together for the first (and hopefully not last) time. And linking to that post, I just realized I never wrote the follow-up post with more Vegas pictures. Maybe we'll do that in February, when things are so cold and so dark.

There were other good things too, like cookie decorating with my side of the family, and spending time with Tenessa's family at (sadly) two funerals, and trips to Minneapolis, and a long visit with Tami, and one or two good hangovers, and my birthday list of 37 things I want to do, and Beth and Chris and Jake moved back to Minnesota, and V went skinny dipping in October, and Crystal and my students had a rocking good art show, and, jeez, I guess there was more good in 2010 than I realized. I love it when a blog post helps me look on the bright side.

What're your 2010 highlights? Aside from reading Languishing, of course. Do tell.


Charlotte said...

Why was it 9 things? Just curious. I mean, you could have rounded to an even 10. Don't listen to me, it's just my ocd talking ;)

Jennifer said...

Because 9 is my favorite number! See #9 on List #1.

Christine F said...

My highlight was getting new (used) car and being the one to drive it. usually I get the current car and he gets the "new" one. Btw, my daughters favorite number is 9 as well. All through school when she played sports she asked for that number on her jersey!