14 April 2010

4 wheelin'

Two days ago, V and $haun went to Toys R Us and picked out this bike. And this helmet.
Then they spent a good l o n g while working through the logistics of pedaling.
But they figured it out, and now my baby girl can practically fly.
I only cried a little bit. Honest.

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Megan said...

What an accomplishment! (By the way, I think this Mama would shed a couple tears, too.)

Avery has a pretty cool little Radio Flyer tricycle on which he scoots around the neighborhood. He hasn't quite figured out how to pedal, though. He stomps on both pedals with as much force as his little body can muster, gets frustrated, and goes back to scooting. Hahaha

Regardless of how they get around, we've sure had some lovely weather to enjoy! Happy Spring!