15 April 2010

35 mm

My sister has lent me their Olympus 10 OM: a bonafide 35 mm old-school-focus-it-your-own-damn-self-camera.
How quickly I've adapted to digital: take 24 photos before I can see any of them? And then wait at least an hour for developing? What kind of crazy system was that?

But, I must say, the pictures that turned out (and about half were too blurry to keep) are so sharp and clear, so very...I don't know how to explain it. Crisp and real and just...different from digital, that I'm very, very happy to have an opportunity with such technology.

I don't know if it translates to the blog, but I'm liking this old-school thing. Any of you with experience with this kind of camera have suggestions for picture taking? I feel like I need all the tips I can get.
PS: I know the two middle photos are not entirely clear, but I like them anyway. The Christmas cactus up above belongs to Ethel, a family friend, and blooms every Easter. Isn't it lovely?

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