29 April 2010

Random bits

We had a kick-ass bird on our street a few days ago, chillin' on the powerlines.
Here, let me zoom in....The tulips, of course, have bloomed.And so have these lovely things, which look to me a little like a cross between a tulip and a daffodil. Taffodil? Dulip? Taffo-ulip?And V and I are still the same.

There are more posts a'brewing. It's the end of the semester, so forgive my absence. I look forward to being back in the land of languish.


Mink*e said...

Looks like the Cooper's Hawk that flew off with one of our hens.

Jennifer said...

Oh, no! I would've shared cross words with him if I knew he was a chicken-type hawk. Eek.

Tenessa said...

This picture of you and V might be one of my favorite pictures on the planet. No foolin'.