20 December 2010

If you don't think about it, it won't bother you.

I don't really belive this post's title, though I used to practice it pretty hard. But right now, having left up that bleak "tired" post for a week, I'm going to go tangental and I'll come back to the juicy stuff. Here are two photos of the gifts under our tree. This is the first year I've used fabric exclusively as wrappings for gifts.
 I know Shaun thinks I'm a crazy hippie, and I accept that. In the end, though, I really, REALLY like fabric, and I love the idea of less waste (I hate that we often fill 2 giant garbage bags with trash from all the gift wrapping!). And also, most of what you see here are pillowcases, made for everyone in the family (fun game: family, guess which one is yours! No fair looking close to see the tags...). When I went to wrap the first one, along with other gifts for the receipient, I thought, "Hey, this is stupid. I'll just use the pillowcase." So I did. Some of them have small enough gifts inside that I could tie or twist or arrange the fabric to hold itself together. Others are full pillowcase-sized gifts, and those I tied at the top, attaching a tag to the ribbon.
In the upper right in the photo above is a smaller, non-pillowcase satin pouch that I made with some of my favorite fabric: it holds a gift that was so small it would've been lost in a pillowcase. I hope to make a few more like those, simple and pretty, so we can reuse them. And hopefully the pillowcases, too, will get lots more use than just looking like a crazy hippie's wrapping job.

Just a little holiday update from the Languishing house. Ho, ho, ho!

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