23 December 2010

Six posts in eight days....and List #10: Holiday gift ideas

...is not unlike Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Except there are no brides. Or brothers. Or singing. But otherwise, totally similar.

I try to beat each previous year's number of posts, see. Last year I had 104, and the year before, 106. So I'm shooting for a tie with 2008, which leaves me with 6 more posts to do before the end of the year. Are you up for it, Languishingland? Can you handle that much Languishing in a little over a week?

Me neither. But let's try anyway, shall we?

For the first of six posts, I decided to provide a rambling introduction full of non-sequitors (check) and then go into last minute gift ideas. I know that you're not completely done shopping yet (or, if you're like Shaun, you haven't yet started), so I want to help you. Here're the best ideas I've got this year. For more best ideas, check out this post from 2007.
9. A gift certificate for a salon something-or-other. If you know where your recipient likes to go, that's a good choice, or offer someplace new (and therefore exciting!) Consider, if you're one of my Big City Friends, Tami Holtan at East 42nd Street Salon. I fell in love with Tami 19 years ago in college, and if you don't know her yet, you should. Giving a gift to visit Tami is seriously the one of the nicest things you could do for anyone. In the Fargo-Moorhead metro, I recommend Juliet at Cloud Nine Salon and Day Spa. It's a lovely space, and my sister swears Juliet is as close as she's found to Tami in this part of the world.

8. Consumables. I love clutter, and consider it an afront that those Hoarder's shows haven't come to my doorstep yet, but I also appreciate the glut of stuff so many of us have. These are also good gifts for people who are moving or people you don't know especially well, or can't think of something meaningful for. A bottle of even cheap champagne (I mean sparkling wine) is always fun, or perhaps some fancy ice cream toppings. Go beyond the tins of popcorn or box of chocolate-covered cherries and consider a fancy salad dressing or delightful cheese. Tenessa once gave me a jar of finely minced green olives, and as I mixed them with cream cheese and ate them on crackers, I missed her a little less.

7. Art supplies. I know you're thinking "but jen, my recipient is not an artist!" Ah, I am replying, but maybe he is. Provide a small, nice-quality journal (you can get one for about $5) and some good fine-tipped pens, and her high-school doodling hobby will come rushing back.

6. Go practical. Like #8, these are things that get used up. But these are not edible: think a giant box of garbage bags, or a deluxe jumbo package of toilet paper. Consider, though: How much room you have for gifts in your car, how much wrapping paper you are willing to put into one gift. Pros: You'll look super generous, at least until they open that giant package.

5. Go ridiculous. For a baby gift, I once found a lovely set of chicken salt and pepper shakers. It didn't make any sense, but we all laughed a lot. The best thing about this gift is it can often be purchased at the dollar store. Try Loopy's: that's V's favorite.

Come back soon for #4-1: I need to spread this out a little if I'm gonna come up with another 5 posts this week.

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