29 December 2010

Mail call

One thing about sending a letter or better everyday to the same person is I become very concerned with repeating myself. My life is not all that fascinating (said the blogger...ha ha ha...), and though my craft supplies are extensive, I still strive to mix things up in most any way I can think of. Here are 5 recent letters, ready to be stamped and mailed. They come from a boxed set of blank cards I found at Michael's; I love the rich colors. But different colors do not make interesting enough distinctions after a while, I find. So I practice my best penmanship on one address, then make my letters blocky and s   p   r   e   a   d    o    u   t  for the next one. I wish I had mastered calligraphy, or at least practiced more. Or could at least find those fancy pens. Must search through more crafting boxes!

(The return address IS repetitive, I realize, but it's a self-inking kinda thing that I just rediscovered, and it makes me happy. So much for mixing things up.)

ps: I've almost reached my 106 posts goal! Wheeee!

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