31 December 2010

Last Post o' the Year

To end the year, I thought we'd revisit my birthday list. Now that I'm 37 7/12, let's see if I've made any progress. Visit the original to see the whole thing. I'll just list the ones here that I've completed or made progress on.

9. Let go of all my old shame/guilt for stuff that doesn't matter to anyone but me. This, of course, is ongoing, but generally the last 7 months I've been fairly successful at it. Which is really something, considering Shaun's health and Mary's health and V's hairballs and the whole giant mess.

10. Take $haun to Vegas. Done!

12. Take a few sabbaticals: I've applied for my first. Because my college expanded immensely about 6-7 years ago, many of my colleagues became eligible for sabbatical at the same time. Which has created a backlog, so I would not be surprised if my sabbatical is not granted this year. But at least I've written one. You can't get a sabbatical if you don't apply.

13. Teach a class on circus freaks. This may be a few years down the road, but I did work both the movie Freaks and a lengthy power-point enhannced lecture on the history of the American Freak. So fantastic.
31. Find Tim Johnson and Shannon Welch, twolong lost friends (from college & elementary school respectively). One down, one to go. Via Facebook, someone read this post and told me someone they were friends with who was friends with Shannon. That was very exciting! Now, dear readers, help me find Tim Johnson. C'mon.

32. Watch the series finale of LOST. We did this the the evening of my birthday. It remains one of my favorite shows ever. Plus it was a good way to get a running start on the 37 things.

Since I've given myself 37 years to complete these 37 things, I think progress on four and completion of 2 is a pretty good start.

I've never been a fan of resolutions, but this ongoing list is a type of resolution, I suppose.

Oh, 2010, you've been a royal bear. I sure hope 2011 is much calmer, gentler, and healthier for us all. Languishing wishes all of you a very blessed New Year.

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