15 July 2010

Our Valley's Fair

Mama and V on the Ferris Wheel (this one was much less scary for me than our last Ferris Wheel)

This picture is so awesome, I feel like I should write to the footlong corndog company and ask if they want to buy some copies.
The Dizzy Dragon in which V and Daddy rode.
On the wacky tugboat ride.
The second best footlong corndog photo ever.
I would've paid good money if a bug would've flown in just then. Very good money.

Top of the ferris wheel midway shot. I love midways.

When your child has sensory integration issues, a fair (or circus or parade or baseball game or doctor's visit or movie or walk around the block or trip to the store or a basic conversation) can be a frightening can full of angry, rabid worms. To prepare, we talked about the fair for about a week ahead of time, and brought sunglasses and water. I should've brought wet wipes (MOM! I AM STICKY! was heard by, um, everyone at the fair), but overall it was a successful trip, without a single meltdown or kick or uncontrollable screaming bout (sticky fit notwithstanding). She wavered once or twice, but marched on, and we had a lovely time.



Megan said...

Wasn't the tug boat ride fantastic? I wasn't allowed to ride, due to the baby in my belly, but Matt and Avery rode that one at least 4 times! We didn't do the ferris wheel, since Matthew has a fear of heights, but otherwise Avery's first fair experience was great! Happy to see you and yours got to enjoy it, too.

Charlotte said...

You're right, that is a great photo. I love her tongue sticking out (and her shades - way cool). And on a side note - I get made fun of for carrying a tub of wet wipes in my purse (which happens to be big enough to carry a tub of wet wipes, a coat rack, and many other things), which is silly since the teasers are the ones that always end up needing the wipes. And then I get made fun of for the size of the purse that holds it all. haha....a mom's life!