10 July 2010


Two years ago this evening, I know exactly where I was. As the second child in her family, and the third grandchild, Emmy might seem sometimes to get lost in the shuffle, but the truth is, she won't stand for that. I wrote a poem for V's second birthday, and for Will's, and knowing Emmy, if I don't write her one, she won't ever forgive me. Last year's post for her was a type of poem, but this one here's more official. Not terribly polished, but utterly heartfelt.

Emerson Claire

Your dark ringlets grew in this year
curling around your ears and into my heart.

You are my little sister, version two,
with her sweet round face and dark eyes,
and generosity in your heart.

Like your mother, second doesn't suit you.
You must be heard, and obeyed. Such a big voice
in a small girl.

I can see you, lead singer in your own punk
band, passionate schoolteacher, brilliant CEO,
pouring your fiery self into this world.

I am lucky to see you grow into yourself,
with your vaudevillian sense of comedy,
finicky eating, and clear, repeated shouts of "No!"

The world is lucky to have you, too.
May it give back as much as you give it, and more.

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