23 June 2008

Long-time friends

10 months ago, I wrote a bit about August & Zoe being born here. This weekend, they came to town, and we ordered Chinese take-out from the restaurant we've been eating at together for the last 30 years, and fed it to our babies, and talked and laughed and didn't have nearly enough time together. Life just moves so much faster now.
It's funny to see V as the biggest kid of a group: I'm used to her being the smallest, or nearly so. But she's very funny around other kids, especially smaller ones: she is used to being the only child, or just fighting with Will over who gets which truck. But faced with a ten month old, V pretty quickly gives up the Baby Animal Book, despite her desire to have things her way.

I love this picture of my mom reading to her best friend's granddaughter. I hope when Zoe and August (and Oliver and Noah) have children, I can read to those babies, too. Whew...maybe I'm getting ahead of myself a little....
On Sunday, we went out to breakfast together, and despite the screaming (seven grown ups+4 children under 3=big adventures) it was a great way to end our whirlwind weekend together. Plus, there was bacon.
I don't know why I don't have any pictures of Kathy, except that she was probably talking to the tables around us in her joyful, calm, unapologetic way. "So much for a nice quiet breakfast, folks." One of my earliest/deepest memories of Kathy was realizing that she was so good at being positive in almost every situation. That's a crazy thing to notice about someone when you're only five years old...

Before I get more sappy, I'll end this post. It was so good to see you all...I can't hardly wait until we do it again.

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