09 June 2008

One of the reasons I married him

Because his parents live here: and it's only an hour and a half away from us, and they also have a hot tub and room for all of us to stay, and seem to like us enough to welcome us as often as we can make it.
Well, okay, they live in a house with that view, right next to this tree, and today there were these clouds nearby. They don't actually live in the water or in the tree or in the sky.

But close enough.

Last night we had a campfire, and I stayed outside visiting with Shaun's dad after everyone else went in the house, and we heard the loons. My first loon calls of the season. I forget how much I miss them when I don't hear them for awhile.

Makes me feel like Katharine Hepburn. Or maybe Henry Fonda.

Jess and Will came out on Saturday, and we tried out the new double stroller (for Will & his Impending Sibling) and played in the fence and the gazebo and mostly ran around like crazed toddlers. The weather cooperated for such a short time, and we were all thankful.
V calls the gazebo "the clubhouse" and has claimed it as her own, in a way. Hers and Will's: she will happily share with him, as long as he doesn't take her pirate ship. Or the pinecone pirates. Or touch the sand she was playing with. Or look at her too long.Yesterday, V learned how to fish (sort of) and though I hate a lot of plastic things and a lot of product placements, we bought her a Dora the Explorer fishing rod. It's small and easy to handle and adorable, and if I had had one like it at her age I would've been a professional fisherwoman. (I have no connection to that link. I just thought it was funny that womenfishing.com exists, and I love the picture by their title).
Grandpa spent a good deal of time teaching her to reel (she got much better!) and discussing casting techniques. Mostly I said things like "That hook is sharp. Don't touch it." She seemed scared by the first fish--a 3" bluegill--and soon wandered back to the beach to chuck rocks.

But it's a start. Next time, we'll take her on the boat where she can't get away.

In the meantime, we still have lakewater on our skin, and we like it. Hope your summer adventures are beginning as well.

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