22 June 2008

Belly of the Beast

My mother tells me this iris is called the BeastMeister...but my extensive online searching has yeilded no verificiation of this claim. Do with that what you will. Whatever it's called, it is a very striking iris, moreso than I can capture on film. My mom has a wide variety of irises (iri?): her garden is just spectacular this time of year. The thing about irises, though, is they're not really great bouquet flowers, because they don't last once they've been cut.
Unfortunately, this particular Beastmeister has a tendency to blow over in high winds. And once an iris is blown over, you might as well put it in a vase and enjoy it for the next 12 hours, because it will be dead soon either way. Weird, huh?

Mom tells me she still has a couple of stems standing, though, so if you'd like to see the Beastmeister in its natural habitat, just swing by Myra's. Tell her I said hi. And snap a couple photos, if you think of it.

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