26 June 2008

Six Years

On June 26, 2002, Shaun and I stood in our backyard and promised to love and honor each other as long as we both shall live, in front of nine family members, our minister, and his daughter. Afterwards, we took wedding photos and all went out to dinner. It was a perfect day (once I sprayed 3 full cans of Raid Yard Guard to slow down the mosquitoes), and the best kind of wedding we could have had. A year later, we had a gigantic rip-roaring party, with chili and milk and cake and karaoke and vanilla stoli. Oh, mercy, the stoli. We got to enjoy our wedding with our immediate family, rest up for a year, and then enjoy a huge party without that pre-party wedding malarky. It was the best of both worlds for us.

I don't have access to digital copies of our wedding pictures right this second (and I'm kinda too lazy to look for them right now), so instead of those pictures, here's a recent shot of my groom. He's probably saying something profound in this photo. Or talking about farts.

It's been an exciting six years, sweet boy. Let's hope the next six are fruitful and peaceful, full of good health and even more laughter than the first six.

Below is one of the poems we had our siblings recite for us that day. I know most of you weren't at the wedding proper, but I sure appreciate you reading this epic post in honor of our anniversary just the same. For those of you who were at the party, we welcome your comments and reminisces, if you like.

Tin Wedding Whistle
by Odgen Nash

Though you know it anyhow

Listen to me, darling, now,

Proving what I need not prove

How I know I love you, love.

Near and far, near and far,

I am happy where you are;

Likewise I have never larnt

How to be it where you aren't.

Far and wide, far and wide,

I can walk with you beside;

Furthermore, I tell you what,

I sit and sulk where you are not.

Visitors remark my frown

Where you're upstairs and I am down,

Yes, and I'm afraid I pout

When I'm indoors and you are out;

But how contentedly I view

Any room containing you.

In fact I care not where you be,

Just as long as it's with me.

In all your absences I glimpse

Fire and flood and trolls and imps.

Is your train a minute slothful?

I goad the stationmaster wrothful.

When with friends to bridge you drive

I never know if you're alive,

And when you linger late in shops

I long to telephone the cops.

Yet how worth the waiting for,

To see you coming through the door.

Somehow, I can be complacent

Never but with you adjacent.

Near and far, near and far,

I am happy where you are;

Likewise I have never larnt

How to be it where you aren't.

Then grudge me not my fond endeavor,

To hold you in my sight forever;

Let none, not even you, disparage

Such a valid reason for a marriage.


Tenessa said...

My heart just grew three sizes. I love being married to you, and being married to $haun through marriage.

Christine Fiedler said...

Love the poem!