15 June 2008


I loved Shaun for 5 years before we had a baby, but that love grew immensely when he became a father. He was worried about fatherhood: what if he didn't bond with her? What if he never felt connected to this little pile of goo? But the second day in the hospital, once we were alone in our room with her, he cradled her in front of him and sang to her. She opened her newborn eyes and stared back at him, and they have been bonded ever since.

He helps me to be more patient every day, and can resist even the worst tantrums if it's for the greater good. When I'm exhausted by 2 year old demands, he points out the sweet-curious-hilarity of it all, and when I still don't see it, he plays a game with her while I have a drink. Or four.
He's goofy & dorky & creative and V is a lucky girl to have him for her daddy. I'm a lucky girl to have him for my husband.
Happy father's day, Shaunie.

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